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Our amazing clients are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the wonderful things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied client, as well!


I was in over my head in debt. Some student loan, some medical. Didn’t trust anyone at first. Amanda was great, patient and made sure I understood everything. I will be debt free in 3 more months. My score is already improving. — Liam Bennet

Debt Relief Client



My husband Carl and I would like to personally thank Amanda and Joey for the amazing job they have done. Helped us out so much! We were over 12k in credit card debt. We wanted to purchase a home, but on our income we could not afford to and pay our monthly cc. We are now 100% debt free, We are also closing on our home in 17 days!! You guys are true blessings. Five big bright stars!! — Jenny and Carl Broadus

Debt Relief Clients



I can finally retire! I was paying $1032 a month on my 5 credit cards. Only a measley $54 was actually being applied. The rest was interest. I was so angry and stressed. I called my credit card company and asked how long it would take for me to pay it off. After arguing with rep, she finally told me that on average it could take over 15 years. I flipped out!! I searched the internet for weeks and finally found you guys. I was to say a special thank you to Amanda and Grace, my credit counselors. They are soooo sweet, nice, and SMART!! They knew exactly what I needed to do. I am forever grateful. — Elizabeth Reed

Debt Relief Client

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